Why Prosperity Marketing System is #1 Thing I Promote

There are many different factors that might influence a marketer when deciding what it is they want to promote online; here are my reasons why Prosperity Marketing System is my top program that I promote in traffic exchanges and safelists.

*This post contains affiliate links, however they are not my own… I am promoting for my paid referrals at Prosperity Marketing System, so if you click on any of the links in the post you will be joining under one of my referrals and not me personally.*

  1. It adds people to my personal autoresponder list, so even if they don’t continue on with the program (or even if I don’t) I will still be able to contact these people in the future.
  2. I can customize it by adding up to 16 programs of my choice, which means by just promoting this one site I am actually able to promote and build downlines in 16 different sites!
  3. I can choose to take the owner upgrade and customize literally everything about the site including all the training that my downline sees in the program.
  4. I earn 100% residual monthly commissions. That is income every single month… pretty hard to top that!
  5. When my downline joins any of the other 16 programs I choose to include in the program, and then upgrades or makes a purchase at any one of those sites I earn even more money in commissions.
  6. I can contact 5 levels of my downline easily through the site. (This can easily grow to be A LOT of people!)
  7. The owner is active and promotes the site.
  8. This is an important one…. IT ACTUALLY PAYS!!¬†Yes, I actually earned commissions and was paid on time with bitcoin!!

Since writing my last post about Prosperity Marketing System I did have one of my referrals upgrade, and I earned commissions which were then paid as promised on the site.

Now since I have basically broken even on the monthly cost (minus payment processor fees) I am promoting for my downline and helping them to be able to do the same.

Prosperity Marketing System

Here’s 2 more reasons why you should consider joining Prosperity Marketing System

  • When you join and upgrade, I will promote your link, helping you to build downlines and earn income faster.
  • No matter what it is that you are promoting (online OR offline) you can add it to this system!


If you are interested in reading more about my experience with Prosperity Marketing System, click the following link to read the first post in this series: Should I Stick with it?

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