The Proof is in the Pudding

Yet another blog post about Prosperity Marketing System¬†… I’m sorry, but I’m on a roll with this!

For this post, I thought I would show you more of the stuff that you really want to see when you are thinking about joining a paid program… the proof! I took these screenshots from my phone, I’m sorry if they are showing in bad quality!


Here are some of the emails I received recently.. I got a new referral who took the next step and signed up for the free 7 day trial! AWESOME! And even better, it was time for one of my other referrals to renew their membership, so I earned commission! YEAH YEAH

payment proof

This is my bitcoin payment proof from my August commission payment, what’s cool about bitcoin is that the price fluctuates.. this payment is actually worth over $13 with current prices!

With Prosperity Marketing System you earn 100% commission minus payment processing fees, so when I have one person upgrade they pay $12, and from that I earn $11.35 commission. I believe there is a small bitcoin processing fee taken from that as well, so when it was deposited to my bitcoin wallet it was worth $11.12.. but like I just explained, bitcoin prices can go up.. this amount of bitcoin is currently worth over $13! That’s MORE than 100% commission!

You can join Prosperity Marketing System HERE (all Prosperity links in this post actually belong to my referrals) and if you still need a bitcoin wallet I recommend setting that up with CoinPayments, since a lot of traffic exchanges and safelists offer upgrades and purchases through CoinPayments as a payment processor.

I have written other posts about Prosperity Marketing System that you can read as well: HERE, and HERE.

I’m so excited that all my time spent promoting this program is finally starting to pay off!! Please take the time to check it out if you haven’t already!

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