Take the Time to Save Yourself More Time

We all only get the same 24 hours in a day, we’ve got to learn to make the most it! Here are 5 easy things you can do that will save you some time in the long run!

  • Take the time to unsubscribe from email lists, yes it’s a pain to do and annoying to have to deal with but you are going to save yourself from a lot of clicks and having to delete those emails in the long run, and that is definitely going to save you some time!
  • Declutter! The more things you have, the more time you spend taking care of your things! (Plus, if you’re a mom like I am.. the more things your kid has the more time you spend taking care of their things! LOL) Try throwing out a few extra items every week on garbage day and see how you feel! Take a box of things to a donation center!
  • Get other people to help, this is especially a great tip for parents 🙂 Get your children involved in the household chores, it’s never too young to start helping around the house. You can also help your school age child to find easy things they can make themselves for breakfast (toast! waffles! oatmeal! cereal!) or have them pack their own school lunches.
  • Prepare meals in advance. This can be done a few different ways, you can dedicate time to putting together a lot of freezer meals at once or you can just make two of whatever recipe you’re making and save the second one for another night (lasagna is a great example for this!).  You can also plan meals around leftovers, for example if we have chicken breasts for dinner one night, I might make a chicken stir-fry for dinner later in the week with the leftovers!
  • Take a little time to plan your grocery shopping, if you take the time to plan (it doesn’t need to take long!) then you can be sure you have all the ingredients you’ll need and won’t have to spend time making another trip to the store, plus you’ll already have an idea what to cook so you won’t have to spend time searching through the kitchen trying to figure that out either!

If you are a working mom, don’t feel like you need to do everything! Weigh your options, if paying to have someone come to your house to help out with cleaning so you’ll have more time on the weekend to spend with your family is something you can afford to do, then by all means please do so!

Have any good tips to share that may help the rest of us save time? Please let us know in the comments!

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33 year old married mother of one, living that luxurious stay-at-home housewife life one day at a time.