Summer Harvest

I have started to harvest some things from the garden, so I thought I would post a little blog update!

Plants in the garden
Peas: This is my first time growing peas, and so far I would have to say I am really NOT impressed. I have harvested probably like 8 handfuls of pea pods so far, and have just maybe 1 cup worth of peas to show for it. I haven’t cooked them yet, so I don’t have an opinion on taste but quantity has been a big dud. I am keeping them in a jar in the freezer while I work on harvesting more, they will probably be added to some other dish when it’s finally time to cook them as there really isn’t enough to just serve them as a side on their own.

Plants in the garden
Green Beans: Today was the first harvest for green beans and I got probably 3 big handfuls worth which is amazing, I am super impressed with that. I have those washed, cut in about 3 inch sections and stored in the freezer. Again, haven’t cooked them yet so can’t comment on taste but they look amazing and I am really considering planting another crop of green beans soon to harvest again later in the year!

Plants in the garden
Raspberries: They have been ripening lately, the hubby has been picking them to munch on and I picked a handful that our son ate as well, so no complaints on the raspberries. There are still more ripening all the time which is wonderful. They are just good as a little garden snack, not really enough of them to worry about storing for later.

Strawberries: Meh.. I have only gotten a few strawberries so far this season (literally like 4 or 5 small strawberries) I think something was munching on them and the heat got to them as well. They do currently have blooms and look like there should be another batch of strawberries growing again soon, let’s hope I get more this time!

Are you growing anything good in your garden this summer?

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