Should I Stick With It?

I signed up for Prosperity Marketing System months ago (in December 2017, I think… so it’s been about 8 months) and since that time I have been paying the $12 a month student membership fee and have been almost solely promoting PMS with all the traffic exchange, banner, and safelist advertising that I have done in that time.

Prosperity Marketing System

I will say that I could have done A LOT more as far as the amount of promoting I actually did, but I still have managed to build a downline of right around 40 people currently. That’s an average of 5 sign-ups a month, not too shabby!! And all of those people joined my email list, since that’s the very first step to joining PMS. That’s pretty cool! (Now if only I was better at actually sending emails to my list LOL! Different story!)

In the last 8 months, 40 people joined my list and my downline at PMS. Quite a few took the next step (maybe a dozen people, so around 30% of those who joined), which is to sign-up for the free 7 day trial membership and find out more about Prosperity Marketing System and how it works. Unfortunately, whether it’s just my bad luck or me not putting in effort to contact everyone who joins and actually sending emails to my list, I have yet to actually have anyone continue to the next step which is to pay the $12 membership fee so in all honesty I have yet to actually earn any commission from promoting PMS. Sad face.

To recap, here’s my experience with promoting PMS for the past 8 months: 40 people joined my email list and my downline at PMS, 12 took the free trial, 0 have upgraded. I have spent $12/month x 8 months = $96 and earned $0 in commission. Hence, the question… should I stick with it?

EDIT 8/15/2018: I now have one paying referral and have been paid commissions in bitcoin! I now promote for my downline, so all the links in this post have been updated to reflect that!

Since Prosperity Marketing System pays 100% commission, I really only need just one person to upgrade and then I will break even on the monthly fee and not be paying anything more out of my own pocket.

Prosperity Marketing System

I have been doing internet marketing with traffic exchanges for 3 years now and like a lot of people, one of my big problems has been bouncing around from one thing to the next and not sticking with any one particular thing for long enough to really see positive results, and I have realized this about my marketing which is why when I joined Prosperity Marketing System last winter, I made a conscious decision to focus all of my marketing efforts towards that one opportunity.

Now, you may be asking yourself well what’s so great about Prosperity Marketing System that it became THE ONE THING that you promote online?

That’s an excellent question, and one that I will be answering in Part 2 of this blog series so please add this site to your bookmarks and check back soon!

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