Seven Months Later…

It appears I have not given up on the blog just yet! Hah.. it’s been a long time, I had many updates to do on WordPress when I finally logged back in today. I’ve created a privacy policy page as recommended to be GDPR compliant, I may need to add more things to it I am not entirely sure at this point (haven’t done any research on what is needed!). Web hosting has been renewed for another 12 months, and I do want to keep this domain name as I feel it’s a pretty amazing one to have so I figured I may as well get this blog going again with a new post, eh? 🙂

Let’s do a tiny catch up on the last seven months.

Winter was a long one, Spring didn’t really arrive here until almost a full month after the “official” March 20 first day of Spring date. Harsh.

I am gardening again this year, I still have a lot of empty space that could be planted with things but so far I have strawberries, raspberries, peas, green beans, and corn planted and growing; these are all new things that I did not grow at all last year. My friend gave me a bunch of strawberry and raspberry plants near the fall of last year, which was amazing!

I had to do some searching around at various stores to find sugar snap pea seeds, I did finally find some but unfortunately have not gotten around to planting them just yet… that’s okay, they will be planted and will grow just fine.

We discovered we have chipmunks in the garden this year, and while they are cute they will literally destroy things just to mark their territory. We lost at least 5 corn seedlings due to chipmunk carnage. Ugh! So now we have a trap set out and are relocating any chipmunks we catch with it, at least 5 or 6 have been relocated at this point and it’s only been a few days!

I was watching GaryVee videos on YouTube yesterday and got all sorts of motivated, and sort of started off on a new adventure because of it! LOL. Hopefully more will come of that in the near future that I’ll be able to update here about, for now I am wanting a certain domain name and am hopeful that it will be available for purchase here in the next couple weeks so cross your fingers for that please! It’s not an active site at all right now, so I just hope the owner lets it go without renewing it. That would be the best case scenario for me, because then I can just snap it up for regular cost 😀 if it does get renewed for some reason I could always just purchase the .net version, and not be at a total loss.

That’s all for today, leave me a comment if you’re excited to see new content here on the blog! Have you ever watched GaryVee (Gary Vaynerchuk) on YouTube? Have you ever been motivated to do something just because of something you watched or learned about online? Tell me about it!

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