My Top Sites for Clicks

When you start tracking things, eventually you build up enough statistics to really see where you are getting the most results for your time spent on your advertising. I use as my tracking source, and I thought I would share some of my results for anyone who is interested.

FYI, all links below are my personal affiliate links, if you choose to join and upgrade or make any purchases at these sites I will earn a commission for which I will be forever grateful for so thank you in advance.

My top 5 sites for banner clicks over the past 30 days:

My top 5 sites for text ad clicks over the past 30 days:

Some of my best sources for unique traffic over the past 30 days:

Obviously, I don’t advertise everywhere and I wasn’t sending mails with safelists over this time period, so results may vary. Are you surprised to see any of these sites making it into the top 5? Where are you getting some of your best results? Leave a comment and let me know!

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