I’ve Realized I Have the Power to be Better

2017 is turning out to be a real life changing year for me, and I’m happy to say that it’s changing my life in a good way! Here is a list of some things that I have begun doing this year (within the last 4 months, really!) that is helping my life change for the better:

  • I discovered I actually don’t mind gardening and getting my hands a little dirty (as long as I have gardening gloves!) and now grow my own organic food in my small garden.
  • I learned to crochet, and can now take simple yarn and turn it into something useful such as a beautiful blanket!
  • I have learned more about the environment and how doing things that use less animal products and create less plastic waste are better for it.
  • I have just recently adapted more of a vegan-friendly mindset and have started looking around to see what vegan friendly products my local grocery stores carry; I’ve started pinning vegan/vegetarian recipes on Pinterest and am taking the time to try some of those recipes and see how myself and my family like them and how they would be able to fit more into our lifestyle.

I love that I can take small steps everyday to try new things and it has the power to over time create big changes in my life and change things for the better.  What’s something you have experienced lately that’s had the power to change your life for the better?? Leave a message in the comments!


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