Gardening Lessons: Marigolds and Snails

There are many reasons to grow Marigolds in your garden, here are a few of them:

  • They are really easy to grow and will bloom all summer and into the fall.
  • They are available in many different colors!
  • They repel mosquitoes!
  • The bees appreciate them!
  • They will help keep a lot of common garden pests away.
  • Buy them just once, store the old dried out blooms and have an unlimited seed supply!

I started a vegetable garden this year and bought a dozen Marigold plants to put around the outer edge of my garden because I read they help to keep away garden pests. I learned through experience however (after my Marigolds weren’t looking so great! ┬áIt was like something was coming along and chopping the flowers off, ugh) that while Marigolds will keep away a lot of pests, they also will ATTRACT slugs and snails who like to munch on them!

So of course, after having learned about the snail population problem in my garden I have since captured (and released a far distance away from my garden) over at least 60 snails! Wow! And I know there are still more of them I haven’t found yet because I am still seeing little holes made by them in various plant leaves. The snail hunt shall continue!

P.S. The best times to look for snails is either at night or after a rain storm. They seemed to enjoy the yellow Marigolds the best.

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